Information Technology Consulting

WTC principals average 25-30 years experience in the information technology sector in such roles as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Global Task Force Lead, Program Manager, Enterprise Architect and Senior Project Manager. We have run many large and complex programs valued in the $200-300M range for government, aerospace and advanced technology clients and have special expertise in the chartering, formation and leadership of global IT task forces.

We have well-proven expertise in each of the following areas:

  •  provision of term-contract CIO/CTO executives
  •  strategic planning
  •  enterprise architecture
  •  critical infrastructure vulnerability assessment and protection
  •  data center energy efficiency and energy management
  •  program management
  •  project management
  •  IT business plan assessment;
  •  business process re-engineering
  •  home workplace first-phase assessment / planning
  •  privacy impact assessment / evaluations due to changes in laws