Company Background

Workplace Technologies Corporation (WTC) was founded in 1994 in Long Beach, CA and since that time has operated continuously as a strategic technology planning and management consulting firm. We assist large organizations to determine how to better use computer systems and other advanced technology.

Our sectoral background includes transportation, communications, emergency management, defense, government and advanced technology.

Our clients have included McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Ingram Micro, Blockbuster, Government of California, Government of Canada, Government of New Brunswick and many more. All of our principals and associates work from home most of the time so we also have extensive experience – and expertise – with all aspects of the home workplace.

WTC has 34 owners and associates located within, and beyond, southern California.

From our very beginnings, WTC has operated as a “virtual corporation” long before the term even came into widespread use. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in building decentralized, diasporatic teams, something much appreciated by many of our larger clients were we have been asked to lead enterprise-wide, often global, task forces.